Office 365™ Training

Your organization is moving to Office 365™. It’s time to plan for training.

Introduce your people to the power of Office 365™ to improve their results and their work day. Whether your team members are new to Microsoft Office® or moving to a new version of Office® this training introduces them to Office 365™ applications in a new and exciting way.

Adult Learners Value the Learning Experience we Provide:

  • Actual real-life work examples
  • Learning by doing
  • Expert coaching on work projects
  • Using critical thinking skills to identify work project requirements and experiment with solutions using Office® applications
  • Classroom materials that support learning today and workplace reference tomorrow

Adult Learners Value our Unique Approach:

  • Live human Instructor (In Person or Virtual)
  • Short classes
  • Office and Work Site Coaching
  • Verbal Positive Approach™
  • Process Positive Approach™

Our Unique Content:

  • Keys to Unlocking Help
  • Choosing the Best Office 365™ App for your Project
  • Achieve Maximum Impact using Multiple Apps


  • Office®
    • Outlook®
      • Mail
      • Calendar
      • People (Contacts)
      • Tasks
    • Excel®
    • Word®
    • PowerPoint®
    • OneNote®
  • OneDrive®
  • Sites (SharePoint®)