Off the Ropes Course and into the Inbox: Teambuilding for Knowledge Workers™

You’ve done the ropes course. You’ve mastered the escape room. Yet your team continues to pull in different directions at work. Maybe it’s time to build teamwork and collaboration in an environment where your team spends most of their work hours – in the email inbox.

Our interactive, fun, team email simulation gets your people to see email interactions in a new way. As team members apply easy-to-learn improvement techniques to the email environment, they experience the benefits that higher quality email can have on their work day, and their interactions with colleagues. The simulation also includes interactions with external partners and demonstrates that email quality improvement within the team can directly benefit collaboration efforts with customers and partners.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. See team email interactions in a new way, with “new eyes”
  2. Grow awareness of how team email quality improvement efforts improve teamwork and morale.
  3. Learn to improve email defects using fun, simple techniques.

Conquer Your Workday™

What would it feel like to take back hours from a busy workweek? Or to get better results and have fun, all while maintaining a laser-focus on creating value for customers? Learn the secret that generations of process improvement experts have uncovered – that identifying the root cause of defects and adding a few simple tools to a toolbox can result in improved efficiency and effectiveness. Conquer Your Workday™ will boost personal performance, increase value for customers, multiply profits, and help team members enjoy work again.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify the 8 defects common to all knowledge work.
  2. Hand-on experience using techniques to diagnose time loss and improve time investments. .
  3. Learn the handful of systems you need now to keep on top of your workday to improve management of email, paper, electronic documents, tasks, texts, calls, and more.
  4. Master a simple system to support prioritization and ‘on-the-fly’ reprioritization.