6 Integrity-Building Exercises

Some days at work I feel vaguely unsettled.  Like I’m not working as professionally as I would like. 

That feeling is a giant red flag.  Something is warning me that the chaos has gone way beyond my comfort zone.  (CAUTION:  Comfort Zones Vary!)  It is usually a signal that things that are really important to me have fallen through the cracks.     What it is telling me is that somehow, somewhere, I am not doing what I have said I would.  That in some way, I am not acting with integrity.

When I feel like this, I try to stop what I am doing – ASAP.   I clear away an hour and take myself through 6 Integrity-Building Exercises.

When I’m finished I have a clear mind and clear goals.  I’ve identified the mysterious things that were nagging at me. Best of all, I’ve made decisions about what I am going to do about them – and when I will do them.  In other words – I have a plan.

Now I can get back to following through on the things I said I would.

Integrity-Building Exercises

EXERCISE 1 –  Review My Goals
1. What next steps need to be taken to move my goals forward?
2. What systems need to be in place to move my goals forward?  People? Processes?  Resources? Time? Information?
3. Have my goals changed? 
4. Are my stakeholders aware and on-board with the changes?
5. Have my goals been updated and approved (as appropriate) to reflect the change?
6. Have I captured the next actions in my action management system?

EXERCISE 2 – Process My Collection Points
1. Am I up-to-date processing my phone, email, blog, social media, pockets, pocketbooks, business card holder, paper stacks and all other collection points?
2. Have I emptied my head of the ideas, next actions, projects, feedback, and follow-ups I am carrying?
3. Are there new ideas, projects, goals, or adventures that I need to add to my system?
4. Have I captured all the next actions in my action management system?

EXERCISE 3 –  Inventory and update all my current projects
1. What is the status of each? 
2. Do I need updates from others?
3. What are the upcoming milestones?
4. Are project participants aware of the project status?  Are communications up to date?
5. What are the next actions I can take myself? 
6. Have I captured the next actions in my action management system?
7. Have I taken on too much? 
8. Do I need to make temporary or permanent tradeoffs?
9. Have I involved my stakeholders in tradeoff discussions?
10.  Have I enjoyed some dark chocolate to celebrate that I have completed 3 important exercises?

EXERCISE 4 – Review the last week
1. Did anything important get missed?  Bring it forward to this week.
2. Any follow-ups not get done?  Capture next actions in my action management system.

EXERCISE 5 –  Identify my backlogs 
1. What do they tell me about my business? 
2. Do they present opportunities for process improvements? 
3. Who can make those improvements? 
4. When is the right time for the improvements?
5. Have I captured the next actions in my action management system?

EXERCISE 6 –  Prioritize my next actions. 
1. Schedule time on my calendar to complete.

Integrity aside, are there other benefits to be gained from these exercises?