12 Distractions I’m Causing Myself

What distracts you at work?  Is it the pop-in?  The new email?  The photos of your friend’s puppy?

I used to think that most of my distractions were caused by others.  That was a very pleasant illusion, because it let me believe that managing distractions was completely out of my control. 

It worked for a while.  Until I got spring fever.  Spring Fever got me started writing a list of the things that distract me most.   It didn’t take long to realize that the cause of most of these distractions is looking right back at me in the mirror.

Self-discovery is a good thing, right?  Now that I recognize these are challenges for me, I am one step closer to addressing them and focusing more fully on my priorities.

Right after I take one more walk…
1. Mental Clutter – Carrying around too much in my head.
2. Paper Clutter –  Very tough because I love paper so.
3. Chasing Bright Shiny Objects (BSOs) – Ooooh – a new email, a new Facebook message, a news update, a Tweet…
4. Multi-tasking – For me multi-tasking during work is the #1 cause of things being left undone and of follow-through falling through the cracks.
5. Being reactive.  I have found that Integrity Building Exercises turn the table and set me up to work more proactively.
6. Remaking decisions again and again, rather than establishing a process and sticking with it.
7. Recreating processes again and again.   Ditto.
8. Reorganizing well organized systems – So much fun – but  no closer to a proposal, a client booking or a deliverable.
9. Networking more than I can follow up on.  Wastes time, money and makes me look like I have bitten off my than I can chew. Worst of all, it leaves a bad impression on potential clients and partners.
10. Not allowing time for chaos to happen in my week.  I need to get real and accept that the world is chaotic and allow for it.
11. Answering the same question over and over again, instead of using the website or auto response in voice or email to convey it for me.
12.  Tea Breaks!