Shape Customer Experience when Mobile

Many of us used to meet clients in our fancy offices.  Remember the cherry furniture and Persian carpets?  Those small touches made clients feel special – and contributed to the unique customer experience of our company.  Today we meet clients in conference rooms…or coffee shops.  At the same time, we want them to be touched, and to remember our company’s unique customer experience.

Here are three planning steps you can take to create a memorable customer experience when meeting outside of your office.

1.      Crisp Paper

From a business card to a brochure to a contract – if you are handing out paper, plan a way to transport it that keeps it crisp and clean.  Tattered edges and faded print is for your competitors.

2.      Electronic on hand

Some documents are appropriate to exchange in electronic formats.  Keep a local copy on a USB Drive, Laptop or Smartphone if you don’t trust the availability of your cloud storage.  Better on hand than spending precious time trying to connect.

3.      Speedy Delivery

Have a plan for how you will transfer large electronic document files after the meeting.  Work with a trusted IT person to identify a solution for your business that supports shared online files with clients.  Email is not the only, or the best, option available.   

Scott McKain’s book Collapse of Distinction has helped me keep customer experience at the top of my mind every day.

What  gives your clients a “Persian Carpet”  experience in a coffee shop?

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