Optimized Offices, LLC

Optimized Offices helps your business deliver value-added services to clients, through Office365™ Training, Team Building for Knowledge Workers™ and Conquer Your Workday™ classes.

Our Office 365™ training is focused on building the skills your people need to collaborate effectively and to communicate professionally with external clients and partners. Our unique content elevates training from simply learning keystrokes to working with Office® applications in real business scenarios.

Our Classes apply Lean Process Improvement techniques to the work context of teams such as sales, customer service, marketing, legal, human resources, research & development, program management and more. They take Lean one step beyond the identification of invisible excess (waste) in Knowledge Work, and on the path toward the Process Positive Direction™.

Barbara-about-2Barbara Ivey, CPDP, Principal Consultant

Barbara holds a Lean Healthcare Certificate from Belmont University’s Massey School of Business, a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from Dominican University, River Forest, IL, and a B.A. in English from Concordia University, Bronxville, NY. Before she began consulting in 2009, Barbara’s diverse professional life allowed her ten years at Microsoft as a Global Program Manager, an Assistant Vice President role at Van Kampen Investments, as well as several Library positions in higher education.

Barbara Ivey is the author of The Perfect Thing www.theperfectthing.info where she supports “Alzheimer’s Kids” as they learn, grow and support their own parents travelling Alzheimer’s journeys as patients and Caregivers. Barbara Ivey is a Rotarian, and works with fellow Rotarians on a cure for Alzheimer’s as Vice President of Operations for The CART Fund www.cartfund.org.

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